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Manager Tip of the Week: RAMPing up to be the best manager you can be

December 16, 2015

I regularly blog on the hot topics I encounter while coaching managers, but it occurred to me that I have never really answered the question I get most when first meeting executives.  People often ask me what I do, how I do it and how it brings value to an organization.

Simply put, I set or change manager behaviors to positively impact the workplace.  Why is this a game changer for most organizations?  If you’ve ever worked for a bad manager, you know firsthand how their harmful and negative behaviors result in a bad working environment.  This loss of productivity, poor office morale and turnover is very expensive, costing organizations money every day.  A recent Gallop study shows that 50% of Americans quit their jobs because of their boss. The cost of turnover can be as much as 250% of that employee’s annual salary – very costly indeed!

Conversely, studies show that effective managers increase company productivity by 10% and profits by 30%. It’s good for business to know your management style and continually improve it, for the advancement of you and your organization.

My job is to improve managers’ skills to improve productivity and reduce turnover.  How do I do it?  With a first time manager, I teach the behaviors of a good manager so they have the tools to start off on the right foot.  While coaching experienced managers, I help them identify and remove harmful behavior patterns, inspiring them to take corrective action.  I do this with my personally developed RAMP Manager Coaching Process.  This process includes:

Requirements: Clarify the skills and behaviors the job requires

Alignments: Identify skill and behavior alignments – what do you do well?

Misalignments: Identify skill and behavior misalignments – what can be improved?

Practice: Create simple practice exercises that change behaviors and turn mis-alignments into alignments producing new, more effective habits

The RAMP Managerial Coaching Process allows me to work with managers to clarify the skills they need and identify which of their behaviors do and do not align with those skills.  We then practice behaviors and skills until they do align with the manager’s job requirements.  The more alignments a manager obtains, the less stressed, more business-focused and more confident they become, allowing them to successfully handle future business challenges.

If you would like to discuss the RAMP Managerial Coaching Process or receive a free consultation on ways to improve your managerial skills, contact me at or 312-914-1341 today.

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