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Manager Tip of the Week: Are you honoring your values?

February 3, 2016

Imagine you could do what brings you the most happiness and deep satisfaction, be with all the people that bring you joy, and use your talents to their fullest.  What a great life!  You would be doing what is most important to you or, in other words, living out your values.

It might seem a bit idealistic but, with a little effort, all of us can live this type of fulfilling life.


It starts with clarifying your values.  When you clarify your values, you determine what is and is not important to you.  Those things will be used in your decision making process.  With each decision, the question becomes:  Would this decision allow me to stay close to my values or would it move me away from them?

Sure, there are many stressful times in our life when our values are tested.  We may feel uncomfortable, but when we honor our values during the hard times, it gives us a feeling of rightness, congruence and ultimately fulfillment.

Conversely, when we don’t make choices according to our values, for expediencies sake or out of fear, there is a price to pay.  It may not be evident in the moment, but somewhere down the line the feelings of internal guilt and the sense that we sold ourselves out will creep in.  This frequently manifests itself in the form of frustrations, anger and damaging rationalizations.

Here is a simple exercise you can use to begin clarifying your own values and to gain a more fulfilling life:

  • Ask yourself the question: Where do my values show up in my life?  Make a list.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how often are you honoring these values?
  • If you scored 5 or below on any values, ask yourself the question: What is the price you pay for not honoring this value?
  • What action could you take that would move you closer to honoring that value?

For more help with clarifying your values and leading a fulfilling life, contact Manager Coach, Tom Figiel, at or 312-914-1341 for a FREE consultation today!

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