Employee Engagement is the Biggest Benefit

Employee Engagement has been the biggest benefit that I witnessed after working with Figiel Coaching. The quality time and training Tom spent with each manager has positively impacted our engagement survey scores. Multiple managers have expressed a sense of confidence and excitement rather than tepidness; which in turn has facilitated a shorter transition for all employees whom work directly or indirectly with these managers.

In our bi-annual survey we ask each employee if they believe they have gained the necessary training for their roles. We saw a 40% increase in our “Strongly Agree” and “Agree” responses amongst the manager team.  With no real changes to our orientation other than bringing Tom into the fold, I would safely attribute that positive gain to Figiel Coaching.

Additionally, Directors have commented to me specifically on a particular manager’s recent improvement. I am earmarking funds in next year’s budget specifically for ongoing coaching as the ROI on our investment is clear. We are all very pleased with the progress so far.

Jeff Flom
Chief Operating Officer
American Massage Therapy Association

Getting out of your own way

Tom’s leadership experience combined with his diverse professional experience allows him to really listen and find out what you need to achieve success. His coaching process then quickly identifies where you are getting in your own way and provides tips and tools to change your behavior for the better.  Investing in Figiel Coaching has paid dividends for me.

Jane Armitage
Regional Director of Individual Giving
The National Epilepsy Foundation

As a mid-level manager

As a mid-level manager, I have to manage both up and down.  I not only have people that I have to supervise but clients and projects that I need to manage.  Tom provides me the tools to put my thoughts into actionable, linear, clear steps and hold myself accountable for my own initiatives.

Jennifer Kramer
Managing Director, HR Consulting
Sikich LLP

Tom positively impacted my leadership skills

My coach, Tom, helped me build the confidence and courage needed to have positive impacts in my role as a leader. Tom motivated me to create and follow through with a simple developmental action plan that helped reshape my behaviors in a constructive way. Tom possesses a unique ability to use his experience, coaching expertise, leadership knowledge and humor to create interesting sessions, so you can acquire these invaluable leadership skills.
Heather Nelson
Talent and Compensation Manager
Village of Schaumburg

Huge eye opener working with Tom

Before my coaching sessions, I was frustrated and would react angrily towards my peers and staff. Working with Tom was a huge eye opener as I discovered how to communicate more effectively and developed better behaviors to effectively manage my team. I appreciate that my employer valued me enough to provide me this coaching!
Barb Munsell
Director of Nursing
Laverna Village Nursing Home