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Manager Tip of the Week:  Change starts with trying something new

December 1, 2015 As a Leadership Coach, my success is dependent on people making positive changes in their behaviors that improve their managerial or leadership skills.  The changes can be small, large, internal, external, easy or difficult.  The changes made may be distinct to the individual, but their commonality lies in the act of trying […]

Manager Tip of the Week: 12 Qualities of Exceptional Leaders

November 9, 2015 An exceptional leader is hard to come by. It takes great patience and responsibility to lead a team of people with vastly different personalities, goals, and expectations of you. If you’ve been fortunate, as I have been, to have worked for a truly exceptional leader, then you’ll recognize the following qualities as […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Future Focused Feedback

SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 Why did you put all that data in the spreadsheet incorrectly? Why didn’t you do it like I showed you?  Why didn’t you take care of it like we discussed two weeks ago? What’s your reaction when your manager asks why you did or did not do something?  Usually, the first thing […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Walking the fine line between micromanaging and absentee managing

August 19, 2015 First, let’s define the difference between these two.  A micromanager is likely to manage or control every aspect of an employee’s work with excessive attention to minor details.  On the other hand, an absentee manager will provide little to no direction, even when desperately needed, and is often not available to employees. […]

Coaching Tip of the Week:  The Trust Account

August 3, 2015 If a manager is not skillful at garnering trust and respect from their staff, they have a long difficult road ahead of them.  Why?  Because employees that trust and respect their manager are more engaged and productive, and in the long run they are more satisfied and loyal. Employees will decide early […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Help! I just became a manager … now what?

June 29, 2015 Congratulations!  You’re a newly appointed manager!  Now what? Relax!  I have you covered.  Several themes reoccur in my experience coaching first-time managers. Here’s what you need to know: 1.       Accountability– You are now responsible for your employees’ performance.  If they are not performing, this means you are not performing. 2.       Team Goals< […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Casting Errors

May 28, 2015 Most employees enjoy and gravitate toward the parts of their job in which they tend to succeed, and may shy away from or dislike parts of their job that prove more challenging. For example, you may have an employee that is great at gathering data and takes phenomenal notes, but lacks the […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Help Me Help You

May 11, 2015 It seems that in our highly connected and competitive world, it’s becoming a race to get to the top first and to take care of number one, at anyone’s expense or at any cost. In the workplace, this concept can bleed into the organizational fabric and stagnate and damage morale and productivity.  You see it when an employee feels […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Stressing out your employees?

April 27, 2015 Everyone has advice on how to reduce your own stress levels by improving your diet, exercising, getting organized or practicing relaxation techniques.  What you hear less about is the impact you, as a manager, may have on the stress levels of your employees.  Some managers are guilty of mentally beating their staff […]