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Employee Engagement is the Biggest Benefit

Employee Engagement has been the biggest benefit that I witnessed after working with Figiel Coaching. The quality time and training Tom spent with each manager has positively impacted our engagement survey scores. Multiple managers have expressed a sense of confidence and excitement rather than tepidness; which in turn has facilitated a shorter transition for all employees […]

As a mid-level manager

As a mid-level manager, I have to manage both up and down.  I not only have people that I have to supervise but clients and projects that I need to manage.  Tom provides me the tools to put my thoughts into actionable, linear, clear steps and hold myself accountable for my own initiatives. Jennifer Kramer […]

Tom positively impacted my leadership skills

My coach, Tom, helped me build the confidence and courage needed to have positive impacts in my role as a leader. Tom motivated me to create and follow through with a simple developmental action plan that helped reshape my behaviors in a constructive way. Tom possesses a unique ability to use his experience, coaching expertise, leadership […]

Huge eye opener working with Tom

I was frustrated and would react angrily towards my peers and staff. Working with Tom Figiel as my coach was a huge eye opener as I discovered how to communicate more effectively and developed better behaviors to effectively manage my team. I appreciate that my employer valued me enough to provide me this coaching.

Manager Tip of the Week:  Managing Your Manager

February 17, 2016 When someone successfully transitions from an individual contributor role to a managerial role, one of the first ideas they must embrace is that their needs are no longer the most important.  The needs of direct reports become most important.  As successful managers can attest, the new job is to drive the outcomes […]

Manager Tip of the Week: Are you honoring your values?

February 3, 2016 Imagine you could do what brings you the most happiness and deep satisfaction, be with all the people that bring you joy, and use your talents to their fullest.  What a great life!  You would be doing what is most important to you or, in other words, living out your values. It […]

Manager Tip of the Week:  Are you assuming the lead or earning it?

January 6, 2016 In the corporate setting, leaders are often appointed the position of managing one or more people on a team.  Typically, they’ve earned the position by displaying some level of capabilities in the leadership realm.  Can, however, these appointed leaders automatically assume that their team will follow them because of their rank? Consider […]